Arabian Mills

Welcome to Arabian Mills, a distinguished leader among national enterprises, playing a vital role in propelling the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s economic growth and catering to the essential dietary requirements of its citizens.

As one of the leading milling companies in the Kingdom, we take pride in our unwavering commitment to excellence and our significant contribution to the nation's food security and safety, which is of paramount importance for current and future generations. By upholding high standards and ensuring the quality of our products, we contribute significantly to this commitment.

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Our goal is to become the preferred choice for consumers by offering a range of diverse and high quality products.


Enhancing food quality through the production of flour and its derivatives, along with feed manufacturing, utilizing skilled local workforce and competitive pricing to meet the dynamic needs of consumers.

Our Values


Our dedication to unmatched flour quality forms the cornerstone of culinary greatness.


We continuously explore cutting-edge technologies to enhance production efficiency and deliver premium quality products.

Environmentally Friendly

Environmental stewardship is ingrained in our values. We are devoted to sustainable practices that minimize our ecological footprint.

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Unparalleled Excellence

Arabian Mills has the largest wheat milling capacity in KSA, enabling us to cater to growing demand and respond swiftly to changing trends. As one of the leading national entities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we significantly contribute to economic development and address diverse food needs with a strong emphasis on delivering high-quality wheat flour products and derivatives.

Our state-of-the-art milling facilities, equipped with advanced technology and machinery, allow us to produce various types of flour and feed to serve diverse markets and industries while ensuring we maintain industry-leading quality. Among our notable products are all-purpose flour, bakeries flour, whole wheat flour, chapati flour, pizza flour, Vitamin D all-purpose flour, and Vitamin D whole wheat flour. We also cater to the livestock farming industry, with our quality animal feeds including, livestock fattener, lamb feed, foal feed, horse Feed, pigeon feed and poultry feed including layer, breeder and broiler feeds. We also produce bran for both nutritional consumption and for animal feed.

To cater to the evolving and diverse food consumption trends in the Kingdom, and to continue bringing food lovers, bakers and chefs nutritious and quality produce serving their needs and palates, we are excited to be launching an array of new products, including semolina (coarse & fine), and innovative gluten-free items (flour, corn snacks, penne pasta, and corn flakes). Additionally, we will be introducing various types of pastas and ready mix ranges.

Our Products

Finah Finah Finah Finah Finah Finah Finah


Satisfy your culinary palate with Finah's top-tier wheat flour — an exquisite blend carefully formulated for exceptional texture and flavor.

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Kamil Kamil Kamil Kamil Kamil Kamil


Nourish your livestock's and Poultry's well-being with Kamil's premium wheat-based animal feed. Enriched with vital nutrients and tailored for optimal health.

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Proudly Demonstrating Industry Leading Quality & Sustainability Practices

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